Sri. Kesineni Srinivas (fondly called and famous as “Kesineni Nani”) was born on 22nd January, 1966 in Andhra Pradesh to Shri Ramaswamy Kesineni and Smt. Prasunamba Kesineni. He is an Indian entrepreneur and a Member of Parliament representing Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. He is a member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Urban Development, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Privileges and Consultative Committee on Rural Development.

He is venerated for being a devoted social activist and visionary politician besides being the driving force behind one of the most successful enterprises in travel and logistics; the Kesineni Group. He has been instrumental in giving the Kesineni enterprise, a new lease of life, as he started Kesineni Travels Private Limited in 1992 and Kesineni Cargo in 1996. The foundation for these enterprises were laid by his grandfather, who was supposedly one of the first bus operators in the country, who started plying buses with coal engines during the British regime. Today, these companies provide services to over 100 destinations across 6 states in South India and are regarded as among the top class companies providing such services.

His social activities has given the people in his constituency new direction and hope to rise into better living standards with increased potential for overall progress. The social causes that Kesineni Nani has worked for has uplifted the stature of his constituency in different ways. The development of the region and its people has been envisioned by him and been realized to a great extent through his political and social commitment and activity.





Attendance In Lok Sabha

Winter Session 2015 - 90%,
Monsoon Session 2015 - 88%,
Budget Session 2015 - 63%,
Winter Session 2014 - 91%,
Budget Session 2014 - 96%,
First Session - 100%,
Budget Session 2016 - 88%
Budget Session Pargt II - 69%

Educational Programs

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His Initiative's

Tata Trusts

The Tata Trusts, under an unprecedented project, set forth the planning and development from the grass­root levels to 264 villages in Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency.

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The Kanaka Durga Flyover

The Kanaka Durga Flyover project is a plan in action envisaging the construction of a flyover bridge at the Kanaka Durga temple, that's about 2.7 Kms.

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Water drainage system in Vijayawada

The project for construction of storm water drainage system in Vijayawada is a Rs. 460 crore project, sanctioned by the central govt. in January 2016, envisaged to be completed in 3 years.

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